Disclosures regarding the promotion of environmental, social, and governance characteristics, and of sustainable investments

ONE fund management ("ONE") is authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier ("CSSF") to provide UCITS Management Company/AIFM services to a range of collective investment schemes domiciled in, but not limited to, Ireland and Luxembourg (the "Funds"). Under Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 ("SFDR"), ONE is defined as a “financial market participant”. In line with Article 10 of SFDR, financial market participants are required to “publish and maintain on their websites the following information for each financial product referred to in Article 8(1) and Article 9(1), (2) and (3):

  1. a description of the environmental or social characteristics or the sustainable investment objective;
  2. information on the methodologies used to assess, measure and monitor the environmental or social characteristics or the impact of the sustainable investments selected for the financial product, including its data sources, screening criteria for the underlying assets and the relevant sustainability indicators used to measure the environmental or social characteristics or the overall sustainable impact of the financial product;
  3. information referred to in Articles 8 and 9;
  4. information referred to in Article 11.

The hyperlinks below disclose the location of the above information (a-d) in respect of the Funds to which the Company acts as UCITS Management Company/AIFM which have been designated as an Article 8 or an Article 9 product for the purposes of SFDR.

Article 9 Funds:

Fund Name Disclosure Link
Community EM Credit Fund S.C.A., SICAV-RAIF View