As a UCITS Management Company and AIFM, we provide full substance in Luxembourg and offer tailored plug-and-play solutions that facilitate the setup and management of your fund domiciled in Europe. As a fully licensed Management Company and AIFM we are able to service UCITS and AIF products.

Some of the world’s leading asset and wealth managers, as well as boutique investment firms, covering all asset classes, have entrusted ONE group solutions with their business. As the next generation Super-ManCo we provide the most efficient solutions in the industry leveraging technology solutions enabling us to add value to your business from day one. Whether you setup your first fund in Luxembourg or have existing funds, we ensure you can focus on your core business, while our experienced team takes care of all of your fund governance requirements. Our online portal, providing real-time access to what we do on behalf of your fund, ensures you remain in control.

We manage all governance activities regarding the ongoing management of your fund. Our services fit seamlessly into your internal processes and we work closely with local service providers to effectively manage operational deliverables of your fund. As an independent ManCo, we have an open architecture and can work with a fund administrator and depositary of your choice.

We can also act as investment manager for advisors who run illiquid strategies, such as private equity and real estate, leveraging our team’s front-office expertise.

For those asset and wealth managers who operate their own Management Company in Luxembourg or elsewhere in the EU, we complement your operations by providing resource and technology focused solutions based on the latest regulations.

“ One size doesn’t fit all. At ONE fund management, we provide solutions that add value to your business from day one. We don’t impose our operating model, but carefully listen to your requirements in order to design and implement tailored solutions that meet your expectations and needs. ”

Lydie Bini

Partner, ONE Fund Management

Email Lydie Mobile: +352 621 381 583

Services & Sectors

Management Company and AIFM established with no past baggage ensuring the most efficient processes in the market.

We combine sophisticated proprietary technology, together with best-in-market applications integrated with our front end governance portal to provide you with a unique governance solution offering full transparency and control.

We augment technology with efficient processes in the market in conformity with latest regulations, to provide relevant and tailor made solutions, unincumbered by legacy mind-sets and aging technology.

ONE fund management has established a comprehensive compliance program which has been approved by the CSSF as part of the licensing of the AIFM. The compliance program consists of a complete set of policies and procedures which cover all applicable Luxembourg and EU laws and regulations, and is tech supported by R-ONE, our proprietary cloud-based regulated compliance system across multiple jurisdictions and including automated compliance workflows, compliance monitoring program, document repository, and oversight tools.

ONE fund management benefits from a sophisticated proprietary technology providing our clients real-time transparency on our day to day activities and regulatory controls.

Our experienced team focuses on supporting the needs of our clients with the aim of delivering a service excellence and allowing us to delight in adding value beyond regulatory needs.

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Our handpicked team of senior fund industry experts focuses on adding value to your business and on building long-term relationships. We have a highly passionate, professional and proactive team unencumbered by the legacy of corporate titles, instead we are all partners and equity owners in our business.

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Partner, ONE Fund Management
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Partner, Alternatives and Relationship Management
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Partner, Conducting Officer

Our Resources and Strengths


We operate around the principle that if our people have a stake in the business, they will do a better job for our clients. We have a committed and stable team, as they see the benefit of long-term value creation through building long-standing relationships. We build value for clients, and their end customer.


You can have the best technology and the most efficient processes in the world, but if you don’t have the people to operate them, your business is worth very little. Thus, our biggest asset is our team of professional and passionate experts.


We operate next generation technology through a combination of in-house, and best in market solutions to deliver an impeccable service and use technology to excel in both service delivery and efficiency.


We delight in valued long-term partnerships with clients, team, industry partners and our stakeholders. We aim to work with clients who share our belief in the importance of building strong partnerships over time.




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