#RedPin series / ONE profile: Melanie Hopper

17 February 2022

#RedPin series / ONE profile: Melanie Hopper

Early in my career, I was so fortunate to have incredible mentors who taught me the importance of integrity, professionalism and work ethic. After landing my dream job at a big city law firm, I soon realised that my professional ambitions and desire to start a family would be in conflict.

Very long days, and thus little time for my family, friends and self, inevitably led to a drastic change in lifestyle (and location!), when my husband and I relocated to Bermuda. There, I found work but soon decided to hit “pause” to start a family. I enthusiastically jumped into the challenging role of “CEO of House and Home” after my children were born so that I could give them the 100% they deserved, while my husband made way in the outside world to support us from the other direction.

While living in Bermuda, I was blessed with a wonderful community of Canadian, American and European expats who became our new friends and adopted family. And… just when we were ready for another big challenge, an interesting opportunity brought us to the Heart of Europe. Once again, I was enthusiastic about ensuring that our family would comfortably settle into our new life in Luxembourg.

Looking back at the last 15 years, I’m delighted that a number of projects and assignments for various firms in Bermuda and Luxembourg have helped fine-tune my hard skills in law, business and finance. But, more importantly, my years as “CEO of House and Home” have helped me acquire a set of soft skills that have made me the person and practitioner I am today. It was not easy navigating in and out of the workforce but I found my way. Today, I’m fortunate to find myself challenged and fulfilled in this enthralling journey as Partner, Legal within ONE group solutions. This wonderful team of incredible individuals, led by Revel Wood and Steve Bernat, has an exceptional appreciation and understanding of diversity and inclusion – and I’m truly proud to call them my Partners!

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