Brexit: The Final Countdown

01 December 2020

Brexit: The Final Countdown

This week, EU and UK Brexit negotiators meet again to try to reach a post Brexit free-trade agreement. If no deal materialises this week, time will almost certainly run out to get any agreement ratified before the end of the transition period on 31 December. The fall-out of a hard Brexit would affect many industries, but particularly financial services. Amidst the hope for light at the end of the tunnel, there is some cause for concern: The UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, recently told Parliament that he has given up on getting an agreement on equivalence in financial services with the EU. In response, the EU’s Daniel Ferrie has said that Sunak has provided no clarity on whether the UK plans to diverge from EU rules and regulations on financial services. Negotiations were thrown into more disarray last week after a member of the EU’s negotiation team tested positive for coronavirus. It now seems evident that asset management firms on both sides of the Channel will not be able to rely on the prospect of a mutual understanding between the EU and the UK. In fact, this week the European Banking Authority again reminded financial institutions of the need for contingency planning in light of the Brexit end of the transition period.

In addition, the European Commission has published a consultation paper to solicit views on whether the delegation of portfolio management should continue to be allowed post Brexit, specifically for managers based in the UK.

Navigating and planning for all these uncertainties is challenging and requires a partner who can design tailored solutions delivered by a hand-picked team of industry experts. Especially for managers of alternative assets, being able to answer the following questions come 1 January will be crucial:

  1. How do I continue to manage funds domiciled in the EU?

ONE can provide full substance in Luxembourg and offer plug-and-play solutions that make it easy for you to manage a fund domiciled in the largest European cross-border fund jurisdiction and support investment managers’ continued access to the European market.

For those asset managers who wish run their own Management Company in the EU, we can complement your operations with resources and technology built on the latest rules and regulations.

Advisors who run illiquid strategies, such as private equity and real estate, can appoint us as their manager and leverage our team with substantial front-office expertise.

  1. How do I ensure continuity of my marketing and distribution activities into the EU?

ONE can support investment managers’ continued access to the European market by taking on the role of global distributor for both UCITS and AIF.

  1. How do I build cost-effective post-Brexit operating models avoiding duplication of efforts while delivering on substance and regulatory requirements?

ONE has utilised its experience and expertise to help financial services firms set up licensed entities in Luxembourg, including support with regulatory licenses, office space and infrastructure, technology and personnel.

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