About Us

ONE story

Despite their highly diverse backgrounds, Steve Bernat and Revel Wood’s professional interests converged over a game of pétanque – a game that hinges on precision - in Monaco. The formidable pair went on to win the tournament and that chance encounter blossomed into a friendship which led to the creation of ONE group solutions, almost a decade later.

Leveraging their respective success as competing CEO’s in their former Management companies, the two were able to use their experience, starting with a clean slate and a hand-picked team, and the benefit of hindsight to build NextGen solutions unencumbered by legacy process, technology or old-school thinking. The outcome being the most dynamic, client delighting, highly regarded and trusted solution on the market.

Today, this Next Generation, fund management solutions provider, offers modular third party Management Company, AIFM, Compliance Consulting, Corporate Secretary and Governance Technology Solutions to financial institutions around the world.

ONE vision

To challenge the status quo, by analysing our clients’ requirements and then delivering a bespoke solution which is rigorously thought through, effective and fully compliant.  Our vision is to be the standard-bearer Next Generation fund management solutions provider, delivering integrated and modular solutions which engender client delight. We are ONE team, with a social conscience, and we are ONE hundred percent committed to fulfilling our promises to our clients, building value for their teams and their customers.

We will be admired by the industry, respected by our competitors and trusted by our clients for our values and our integrity.

ONE competitive edge

Hand-picked team – Our clients have access to some of the best talent available.  We have built a highly motivated group of professionals, within which, every individual is brimming with enthusiasm, energy, integrity, knowledge and curiosity.  Our view is that skills can be learned and experience gained, but it is impossible to teach attitude and aptitude, that can only be selected and retained.

NextGen Technology – Our experienced staff apply advanced technology to deliver an enhanced service which guides and supports our clients as they navigate increasingly complex and constantly changing, worldwide regulatory requirements. Every aspect of our technology engine is specifically adapted to meet current regulations and drive innovation and efficiency.

No legacy – We are not hampered by tradition and outmoded structures.  We straddle the old world and the new; demonstrating the agility and hunger to embrace the newest developments, underpinned by the solid foundation of our collective experience. 

Solutions focused – All our solutions are tailor-made, transparent and targeted on the  decision-makers – the board of directors. Our modularised products are delivered by segregated companies within the Group which enables us to avoid potential conflicts which can so easily arise if there is no clear delineation between business lines.

Value provision – We delight in understanding client business needs, their operating models, impact of regulations and challenging market headwinds, to deliver simple effective solutions for our clients, building real value add solution that enable clients to focus on their core business. We don’t try extract value from our clients as this is a very short term view, we delight in long and trusted partnerships, being client led to further extend the solutions we offer, it’s in our DNA and name: ONE group solutions!

Our Resources and Strengths


We operate around the principle that if our people have a stake in the business, they will do a better job for our clients. We have a committed and stable team, as they see the benefit of long-term value creation through building long-standing relationships. We build value for clients, and their end customer.


You can have the best technology and the most efficient processes in the world, but if you don’t have the people to operate them, your business is worth very little. Thus, our biggest asset is our team of professional and passionate experts.


We operate next generation technology through a combination of in-house, and best in market solutions to deliver an impeccable service and use technology to excel in both service delivery and efficiency.


We delight in valued long-term partnerships with clients, team, industry partners and our stakeholders. We aim to work with clients who share our belief in the importance of building strong partnerships over time.


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